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Appendix: Jumping Frog

(see instructions below)
Diagram showing how to make an origami frog

Jumping Frog Folding Instructions

1. Start with a square piece of paper. Fold it in half vertically; crease and unfold. Then fold it in half horizontally; crease and unfold.

2. Fold each corner into the center.

3. Fold the top left edge so that it meets the center crease. Repeat with the top right edge.

4. Fold the bottom point at the dotted line to form a triangle.

5. Fold the left corner into the center crease. Repeat with the right corner.

6. Fold the bottom edge up along the dotted line shown.

7. Fold the same edge again, this time down along the dotted line shown.

8. Fold the top point down along the dotted line shown.

9. Turn the form over. To make the frog jump, press down on the frog's back, slide your finger back, and let go!

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