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Galapagos finches

Thirteen species of birds, each with its own distinct beak and ecological niche, inhabit the Galapagos island chain. All of the species share a common ancestor, presumed to have arrived on the islands several million years ago.

Small tree finch

Common name: Medium ground finch
Scientific name: Geospiza fortis

Medium ground finch

Common name: Warbler finch
Scientific name: Certhidea olivacea

Mangrove finch

Common name: Small tree finch
Scientific name: Camarhynchus parvulus

Large ground finch

Common name: Woodpecker finch
Scientific name: Camarynchus pallidus

Large tree finch

Common name: Cactus finch
Scientific name: Geospiza conirostris

Cactus finch

Common name: Large tree finch
Scientific name: Camarychus psittacula

Woodpecker finch

Common name: Large ground finch
Scientific name: Geospiza magnirostris

Warbler finch

Common name: Mangrove finch
Scientific name: Camarynchus heliobates

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Introduction | Storm | Pollenpeepers' New Homes | Windsor Island | Warwick Archipelago | Gallery

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