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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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About the Online Course for Teachers

Course Information: Technical Requirements

Internet access: minimum 56K modem connection, but ISDN or high-speed connection is recommended

Web browser: Netscape 4.0 (or a higher version) or Internet Explorer 4.0 (or a higher version)

QuickTime 4.0 (or a higher version) or RealPlayer for watching videos

Shockwave software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Notes on printing:
If you are having trouble printing some of the Online Course content pages, you may try doing one or more of the following (from the "Print Preview", "Print..." or "Page Setup..." menu):
• Turn on "Shrink to Fit" mode (IE 5 only)
• Print the page in "landscape mode"
• Reduce the scale of the printer output


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