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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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About the Online Course for Teachers

Facilitator's Guide: Assessment

Before the course begins, consider how you want to assess participants' progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the course.


Ongoing assessments -- assessments during the course will help you determine how to adjust the course to enhance students' learning. Use these assessments to determine what difficulties participants are encountering and how to help participants overcome them.


Teacher guided assessments -- include evaluation of activities within the course sessions. Provide rubrics for how you will assess participants.


Self-assessments -- provide opportunities for participants to assess their own learning.


Assessments built into the course:

Concept maps for pre- and post-assessment

Short questions at the end of sessions: one thing learned, one question participants still have

Reflection activities/journals


After the course is over, identify improvements that can be made in the course methods, activities, use of materials, and course facilitation.


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