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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 2: How Does Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Illustrate the Process of Science?

Explore Part B: History of Evolutionary Thought

Screenshot of the Evolution Revolution Web activity, showing an evolutionary timeline.

You can research a more complete history of evolutionary thought in the Evolution Revolution Web activity.

Continue your research at these Web sites: A History of Evolutionary Thought (UCMP) and Early Theories of Evolution (Palomar College).

Evolution Revolution

Once you have gathered information on the history of evolutionary thinking, consider these questions:


What did the ancient Greeks think about the origins of plants and animals?


What are the major themes in the development of evolutionary thought?


How did Charles Lyell's work influence Darwin's thinking?


Create your own timeline of evolutionary thought from the ancient Greeks to the present.

Taking it back to your classroom.

You may want to assign your students Student Online Lesson 2: Activity Two-Evolution's Role in History.


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