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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 8: How Can You Deal with Controversy?

Elaborate Part A: Case Studies

When teachers teach evolution, they sometimes face challenges from the community or their students. As you view the "Teaching Evolution Case Studies: Dealing with Controversy" video, pay attention to the strategies the teachers and administrators use to address possible controversy around evolution. Think about:


What strategies did the teachers use to address the challenges?


What did the principal feel was at stake in the controversy in Merrimack, New Hampshire?


What strategies, policies, and practices helped the Merrimack school district deal with the challenges to its curriculum and teachers?


How can schools distinguish between concerned parents and an organized political movement?


How could controversy over evolution affect the way biology is taught in schools? What other subjects might be affected similarly?

 Image of human ancestral skulls.

Dealing with Controversy
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Have you ever had to deal with a conflict over teaching evolution? If so, how have you handled it? If not, how would you have handled the situation if you were a Merrimack biology teacher or the biology teacher on the Merrimack School Board? Summarize your response.



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