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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 8: How Can You Deal with Controversy?

Explore Part A: Science and Religion

Many people struggle with the seeming discrepancies between science and religion. How do science and religion coexist?

Image of the Bible

View Video for Students: "Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway?" to help you think about how science and religion can coexist.

Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway?
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To learn what some major religious denominations say about teaching evolution, see the Science and Faith Web roundtable and the National Center for Science Education Web site.

For different viewpoints about science and religion:

View the Evolution Show Seven video segment "Ken Ham: Biblical Literalist."

 Image of Ken Ham.

Ken Ham: Biblical Literalist
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Listen to two Evolution Show Seven interviews, "Ken Miller: Reconciling Science and Faith," and "Eugenie Scott: Nature of Science."

Image of Ken Miller.  Image of Eugenie Scott

Ken Miller: Reconciling Science and Faith
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Eugenie Scott: Nature of Science
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Taking it further

Interview at least one religious leader in your community about his or her views on evolution and its place in the science classroom.

What distinguishes science and religion as different ways of knowing the world? What do different religious denominations have to say about evolution? Summarize your findings.



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