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What Is Science? (39 items)
Nature and process of science

The Age of Darwin (71 items)
Cuvier; Darwin; Lamarck; Lyell; Malthus; Wallace

Evolution Since Darwin
(65 items)
Mendelian genetics; Modern synthesis; Molecular evolution

Adaptation and Natural Selection (87 items)
Adaptation; Adaptive compromise; Coevolution; Convergent evolution; Heritable variation; Natural and sexual selection

Deep Time/History of Life
(101 items)
Adaptive radiation; Extinction; Earth's history; Major transformations; Punctuated equilibrium

Evolution of Diversity
(59 items)
Classification methods; Species and speciation

Evidence for Evolution
(117 items)
Biodiversity and biogeography; Comparative anatomy and development; Fossil record; Molecular biology and genetics

Human Evolution (78 items)
Bipedalism; Brain size, language, and social behavior; Primates; Tool use

Why Evolution Matters
(85 items)
Agriculture; Cornerstone of biology; Environment; Medicine

Science, Faith, and Politics
(84 items)
Science and faith; Social and political history

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