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 Professor Bellgrove -- played by Stephen Fry
Professor Bellgrove, young Titus's narcoleptic instructor, becomes headmaster when his aging superior is inadvertently incapacitated. In his new position, he soon captures the fancy of Irma Prunesquallor.

Comic actor Stephen Fry is a longtime fan of Peake's novels. "I read them when I was about 15 and I loved them then, and again about 15 years ago when I was ill and I still liked them. I think they're funny," says Fry. "They have had this awful word attached to them -- Gothic -- which they aren't at all. People think they're like Tolkien. They're more a work of imagination than fantasy, which is a much more important thing."

Fry has had success as an actor, novelist, comedian, librettist, and wit. As an actor he has been praised for a definitive portrait of his 19th-century alter ego, Oscar Wilde, in Wilde. He is probably best known, however, for his television roles in Blackadder and ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre's Jeeves and Wooster. Fry has published two novels as well as a collection of his radio commentary and journalism. His rewrite of the Noel Gay musical Me and My Girl earned him a 1987 Tony Award nomination.

In Peake's words:
He was a fine-looking man in his way. Big of head, his brow and the bridge of his nose descended in a single line of undeniable nobility. His jaw was as long as his brow and nose together and lay exactly parallel in profile to those features. With his leonine shock of snow-white hair there was something of the major prophet about him. But his eyes were disappointing. They made no effort to bear out the promise of the other features, which would have formed the ideal setting for the kind of eye that flashes with visionary fire. Mr. Bellgrove's eyes didn't flash at all.

-- Gormenghast, Chapter 10

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