The Producer's Diary
The following entries are taken from Estelle Daniel's book The Art of Gormenghast: The Making of a Television Fantasy, published by HarperCollins Entertainment (2000), and distributed in the United States by Trafalger Books.

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2 July
This morning we drowned Fuchsia. She lies on the surface of the tank in a fine muslin nightdress with weed in her hair. She is winched down from underneath and holds her breath, with frogmen poised below. Neve has chosen this day to invite her mother to watch the filming...

7 July
I take a train to Wales for the final shot. Paddington, Cardiff and then up the Valleys... This is the final shot of the film and we are to leave our Kingdom with a glimpse of something completely other. Andrew Robertson is required to smile for the first time. No great chocolate box sunset but the Seven Clouds lift and the light turns golden as the stunt double gallops hell for leather down the valley vaulting fences and Titus turns his back on Gormenghast. We've probably got it on the first take. Owen isn't optimistic about local weather for the dawn shot, but says it's unusual it's not raining. We know we've got a good shot from this evening...

That's a wrap.

9 July
Titus Groan, seventy-seventh Earl of Gormenghast, was born on the eighth day of the eighth month, and on the fifteenth of March 1999 at Shepperton studios, although he was already five days old. Mervyn Peake was born exactly eighty-eight years ago in China. Today is the ninth of July, his birthday. We have come down from the mountain and Gormenghast is in the can.

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