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About the Producers: Pamela A. Aguilar

Pamela A. Aguilar, producer, episode one, Bridges, began her television and film career making 30-second spots for such clients as McDonalds, L'Oreal, BMW, and Jeep. In 2000 Aguilar assisted in the production of the award winning, Budweiser campaign launched during Super Bowl XXXIV. She has since focused her talents in the field of documentary, producing films for nationally broadcast PBS on education, race relations, and the arts: Matters of Race and Beyond Brown. She co-produced an investigative documentary on the Bush Administration's No Child Left Behind legislation for the Emmy-winning series, CNN Presents; and has exercised her passion for archive footage, music, and pop culture on nationwide theatrical documentary productions such as Shut up and Sing and most recently, Bigger Stronger Faster, which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Festival. Aguilar is a graduate of New School University in New York City and a CPB/PBS Producer's Academy Fellow. Aguilar was also producer for the US version of episode two, The Salsa Revolution, (with Daniel McCabe).

Watch Candido Camero on the congas, and read Pamela A. Aguilar's essay on meeting the legendary percussionist.

Watch Rubén Blades describe his love of New York City, and read how Pamela A. Aguilar discovered she shared these feelings.