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About the Producers: Joe Cardona

Joe Cardona, co-producer, episode four, Divas and Superstars, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico (of Cuban parents) and has directed 11 feature-length documentaries, mostly dealing with issues of cultural identity and Cuban history, including Adios Patria, Café con Leche, The Flight of Pedro Pan, Jose Marti: Legacy of Freedom, Havana: Portrait of Yesteryear, Honey Girl, White Elephant, and Celia the Queen. Nine of these documentaries have aired on the PBS network in the U.S. as well as various outlets throughout Europe and Latin America. Cardona has also directed, produced and written two feature films (Water, Mud and Factories and Bro). Both films have traveled the world through film festivals and have been awarded prestigious awards such as the Flickapalooza Film Festival's "Best Screenplay" (2001) for the film Bro.