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About the Producers: Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper, executive producer for the BBC, is Creative Head of BBC Music Entertainment, the department responsible for much of BBC television's coverage of popular music including studio performance and a broad swathe of documentary output. Cooper also executive produces the TV coverage of the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, as well as a string of rock/pop documentaries on BBC ONE. These include profiles of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Robbie Williams and The Rolling Stones, and most of BBC Four's popular music coverage. He is also executive producer of the documentary series Jazz Britannia, the story of British jazz; Folk Britannia, the story of the British folk revival; the BBC FOUR Sessions, now a series of over 20 shows featuring such artists as James Brown, Bruce Springsteen, John Cale and Youssou N'Dour in concert performance, and the now 16-program-strong Originals series of documentaries on cult figures like Gram Parsons, Allen Toussaint, Solomon Burke, Tammy Wynette and The Fall.