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About the Producers: Jeremy Marre

Jeremy Marre, series producer for BBC and producer, writer and director, episode two, The Salsa Revolution, has directed, written and produced a wide variety of one-hour and ninety-minute television programs, many of which have won major international awards, including a Grammy and two Emmys. In 2007, Marre series-produced and directed Soul Britannia, a prestigious three-hour music series for BBC TV; Reigning In Hell, a one-hour investigation into America's most feared prison gang, for Channel 4 and Court TV (USA), and he completed a one hour film with rapper Jay-Z about his early life as a street dealer: Reasonable Doubt, for Classic Albums on BBC TV and VH1. For BBC, Marre recently produced and directed What's Going On? - an intimate one-hour biography of Marvin Gaye. In the UK, Marre has run director courses for the National Film School, sat on the advisory boards for the National Sound Archive and the Arts Council, has broadcast widely on BBC radio, and has written for The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, New York Post and The Independent.