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Genres & Songs: Mambo

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Arcaño y Sus MaravillasMamboWith this song, Antonio Arcaño’s orchestra, and his talented bassist and arranger Israel “Cachao” López, made their case as the originators of the Mambo.
Machito and His Afro-CubansTangaSome say that when the band would play this high-energy song, the Palladium club’s second-floor dance floor shook under the energy (and weight) of the dancers.
Pérez PradoMambo No. 5Portrayed in Mexican films as exotic and modern, the Mambo sound of Pérez Prado was wildly popular in the 50s, with trademark grunts and a dissonant horn reminiscent of contemporary Stan Kenton.
Tito PuenteMambo GozónWith a career spanning 50+ years and songs that burned up the dance floor, Tito Puente earned his title as “The King of the Mambo”.

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