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Genres & Songs: Reggaetón

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El GeneralMuéveloPanamanian singer El General was studying in New York City when he recorded the song that brought Spanish Reggae to a wider Latino audience, and influenced the development of Reggaetón.
Don Chezina y PlayeroPlayero Hits 3DJ Playero is famous for his underground compilation tapes that circulated in Puerto Rico. He blended the rhythms of Spanish Reggae with the vocal stylings of Spanish Hip Hop, and laid down the tracks on which many Reggaetón singers, such as Don Chezina, launched their careers.
Tego CalderónCosa BuenaTego Calderón preferred a Spanish Hip Hop sound that proudly looked to Afro-Puerto Rican music for inspiration. However, when he saw the power and popularity of Reggaetón, he decided he had to sing it, and became one of the first to succeed outside of Puerto Rico.
Daddy YankeeGasolinaIn 2004, wherever young people were dancing, there was a good chance you'd hear this song. This smash hit brought Reggaetón to Latin and non-Latin clubs and parties around the world.

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