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Genres & Songs: Salsa

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Héctor LavoeMi GenteThis anthemic song by Lavoe, the Fania All-Stars' most famous salsero (Salsa singer), captures the street party atmosphere of Salsa's heyday in 1970s New York.
Rubén BladesPedro NavajaFrom the best-selling album Siembra, this song chronicles a street crime in gritty detail but with a tinge of dark humor, ushering in the era of more narrative, socially conscious Salsa lyrics.
Joe ArroyoRebeliónA song about a slave who defends his wife from their master's abuse, this energetic song was a hit for Colombia's Joe Arroyo.
La India & Marc AnthonyVivir Lo NuestroNew York Salsa experienced a revival in the 1990s with a pop-infused sound pioneered by producer Sergio George. He got people moving on the dance floors and made international superstars out of singers like La India and Marc Anthony.

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