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Genres & Songs: Tejano

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Little Joe y La FamiliaLas NubesOne of Little Joe's biggest hits in his long career, this heartfelt song about overcoming despair rang true for many migrant laborers and immigrants, and remains a Mexican-American anthem.
MazzLo Voy a Hacer Por TiGrupo Mazz formed in the late 1970s and brought new sounds to Tejano music, particularly synthesizers and drum machines.
La MafiaComo Me Duele AmorHouston-based La Mafia burst onto the Tejano scene in the mid-1980s and remains one of the most popular Tejano bands today. A hit from their second album, this Cumbia replaces the traditional accordion with a synthesizer.
SelenaAmor ProhibidoOne of Selena's biggest hits, from the album of the same name.

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