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Movies: Tejano

American Roots Music
The final hour of this four-hour PBS series looks at the popularization of Tejano folk music, as well as Cajun and Native American music.

Chulas Fronteras y Del Mero Corazón
In these documentaries, filmmaker Les Blank lets his subjects speak--and sing--for themselves. He focuses his camera on Tejano icons Lydia Mendoza, the Jiménez family, Narciso Martínez, and Little Joe y La Familia.

Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de Mi Padre: A Romantic Evening in Old Mexico
In this concert film, Linda Ronstadt performs with a full Mariachi band. Backed by these musicians, as well as dancers and singers, she performs songs from her hit album, Canciones de Mi Padre.

This fictional account, directed by Gregory Nava, and starring Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos, follows Selena's rise to the top of Tejano music, her plans for Pop success, and her tragic death.