Hi :-) I'm Paul, and I'm co-captain for the 2012 Men's Wheelchair Basketball team.  You'll be excited to hear that the U.S. is a serious contender for gold at the London 2012 Paralympics. 

And if you've never seen elite wheelchair basketball before, you're in for a treat!  Paralympic wheelchair basketball is played the same as you're accustomed to seeing:  5-on-5 teams, 10-foot baskets, 3-point lines, intensely competitive.  You'll find the average scores are comparable as well.  The only difference, really, is the wheelchairs.

Some of the top countries in the world right now include Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and the U.S.  Many athletes from these teams play professionally in Europe or elsewhere.  They are training and playing every day with a purpose: to dominate their competition, represent their home and their country, and bring back some hardware (medals).  This means that competition is tall, fierce, and talented.

As for me, I'm a nine-to-five-er with a wonderful wife and cute son (above).  I volunteer my time for church and the Boy Scouts, and I love my country.  I also love my job.  I'm on the design team for sports and recreation products for Invacare Top End, the handcycle/sport wheelchair manufacturer.  Helping design premiere equipment for Paralympians world-wide is a blast!

This all means that when I roll on the court and look at my competition, I'm thinking, "I've taken care of my son's diaper, I've taken care of my 401k, and now I'm going to take care of you!!!”

Bring on London........


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