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Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I am busy training for this summer’s Paralympic Games here at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. I was just in Sacramento for an exhibition tournament. It was a great weekend event and really raised awareness for wheelchair tennis.

I will be heading to Europe on July 8th to look to keep my seeding for the Games as high as possible. I will be going over to play the Swiss Open, British Open, and Belgium Open. After these three events I will be back at the training center. 

David Wagner plays wheelchair tennis

Before I actually head to the Paralympics, I will make a trip to Portland, Oregon, to visit my family. I will get to see my mother, sister, niece, nephew, and my grandparents. I will also get to see some of my friends who still live in the area, and some of them will be going to watch me in the Paralympics.  

I hope everyone is making their dreams happen. Get out there and do it! And thank you, everyone, for your support of the US Paralympic team.  


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