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DESCRIPTION: An array of vehicles, from the bizarre to the practical, on display at the 2006 AltWheels Alternative Transportation and Energy Festival in Boston, MA

DESCRIPTION: A flashy display of production and concept cars from the 2007 North American International Auto Show

DESCRIPTION: Unveiling of the GM Volt, a serial hybrid concept car, at the 2007 North American International Auto Show

DESCRIPTION: A close-up look at the GM Volt concept car, including interior and exterior shots

DESCRIPTION: Engineers at the Sloan Automotive Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing and testing ways to make motors more efficient.

DESCRIPTION: John Heywood, Director of the Sloan Automotive Lab at MIT, oversees an engine test.

DESCRIPTION: Panoramic shots of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, including skyline and city traffic

DESCRIPTION: People walking through the streets of Reykjavik, Iceland

DESCRIPTION: Steamy shots of visitors bathing in an Icelandic hot spring called The Blue Lagoon, which is heated by geothermal energy

DESCRIPTION: Various shots of pipelines moving steam from boreholes to Svartsengi power plant, and also footage of Guilfoss waterfall

DESCRIPTION: Scenes of hydrogen fuel cell buses around Reykjavik, Iceland, including interior and exterior shots and a hydrogen refueling station

DESCRIPTION: Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute shows a virtual display of a Hypercar design on his computer.

DESCRIPTION: Interior shots at Fiberforge, an advanced-composite manufacturing company. Shots include Lovins' Hypercar prototype. The car's lightweight frame uses carbon fiber.

DESCRIPTION: Work at Mascoma, the biotech company where Lee Lynd and colleagues are developing new technologies for producing ethanol

DESCRIPTION: Lee Lynd looks through a microscope at microorganisms he hopes may be the key for producing ethanol efficiently.

DESCRIPTION: Biofuels expert Lee Lynd tours laboratory facilities at Mascoma Corporation.

DESCRIPTION: A giant machine processes wood. Wood and other types of cellulosic biomass can be used to produce ethanol.

DESCRIPTION: Time-lapse footage of cars being assembled at an auto plant in Detroit

DESCRIPTION: Exterior shots of a plug-in hybrid vehicle developed by the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center at UC Davis

DESCRIPTION: Exterior shots of a plug-in hybrid vehicle developed by Andrew Frank's laboratory at UC Davis

DESCRIPTION: Exterior shots of coal-burning power plant smokestacks and high-voltage electrical lines

DESCRIPTION: Exterior shots of a Toyota Prius driving along city streets

DESCRIPTION: Time-lapse and other footage of gas stations and pumping gas

DESCRIPTION: Work being done on prototypes at the Tesla Motors headquarters in Silicon Valley, California

DESCRIPTION: Martin Eberhard, cofounder of Tesla Motors, drives the Tesla Roadster on scenic California roads.

DESCRIPTION: A Tesla Roadster speeds by a fixed camera on the side of the road.

DESCRIPTION: Various shots, both normal and sped-up of traffic moving. Some footage has the backdrop of the Boston skyline.

DESCRIPTION: Heavy traffic moves down a highway. Various shots, both normal and sped-up.

DESCRIPTION: Scenes of rush-hour traffic at dusk, including time-lapse footage

DESCRIPTION: Windmills generate electricity at a wind farm.

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