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Ice Mummies
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Site Map

Peruvian Expedition '96
The Ascent (September 14, 1996)
Digging in Thin Air (September 21, 1996)
The Mummy's Journey (September 28, 1996)
Preserving the Past (October 5, 1996)

      September 13, 1996
      September 18, 1996
      September 19, 1996
      September 25, 1996

      Mummies of the World
      The High Mummies
      Preserving a Mummy
      Sarita's Land

Lost Worlds
      The Lost Empire
      The Sacrificial Ceremony
      High Altitude Archaeology
      Burial Artifacts

Mail: Questions and Responses

Unquiet Mummies
The Iceman's Last Meal
Reading the Remains
      Web Links
      Books and Articles
      Children's Books
Teacher's Guide
Transcripts of the television broadcasts

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