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Island of the Sharks
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Island of the Sharks Site Map

Adventure to Cocos Island
View the Undersea World
Legends and Lore
Explore the Island
"This is Cocos, This is Cool" (Oct. 19)
Taken by Surprise (Oct. 17)
Of Booby And Beebe (Oct. 15)
Courtship of the Marbled Rays (Oct. 13)
The Search for Lake Cocos (Oct. 11)
The Magnificent Seven (Oct. 9)
Swimming with Whitetip Reef Sharks (Oct. 7)
The Director's Cut (Oct. 5)
Assault on Cocos (Oct. 3)
Hammerheads Sighted (Oct. 1)
The PIG and the Process (Sept. 29)
Nature Reigns at Cocos (Sept. 27)
Get Used To It (Sept. 25)
Hammerheads or Bust (September 23)

Dr. Hammerhead
Exploding Myths
Howard & Michele's Excellent Adventure
Ask the Expert
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October 8, 1998
October 4, 1998
October 2, 1998
September 25, 1998
September 23, 1998

World of Sharks
Who's Who of Sharks
Close Encounters
Clickable Shark
The Hunt (Hot Science)
Shark Bytes
Shark Attack! Teacher's Guide

Get Real
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