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newspaper headlines about the "tank man"

The front page of Newsday, June 6, 1989

The Man Who Stopped the Tanks

Newsday, June 6, 1989


One Man's Act of Defiance and Valor

The Chicago Tribune, June 7, 1989 (read excerpt »)


Bush Calls For World to Stand With Young Man Who Braved Tanks

The Associated Press, June 5, 1989 (read excerpt »)


Crackdown in Beijing; One Man Can Make a Difference; This One Jousted Briefly with Goliath

The New York Times, June 6, 1989 (read excerpt »)


"Our Freedom Cannot Die"

The Daily Mirror, England, June 6, 1989


Facing Down a Tank

The Washington Post, June 6, 1989


A Man With An Idea Can Topple Regimes

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 7, 1989


Bush: Plus Une Suele Arme Pour La China

Le Figaro, June 6, 1989


Defiance Triumphs Over Tank

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, June 6, 1989


We Stand With Him

The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY), June 7, 1989


One Man's Courage Faces Down a Row of Tanks

The Chicago Tribune, June 6, 1989


Footage Worthy of a Time Capsule

Newsday, June 7, 1989

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posted apr. 11, 2006

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