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"The spoons have clattered..."

Lyn Hejinian

Eleven Eyes

Born in the San Francisco Bay area in 1941, Lyn Hejinian is known for her meditative and introspective style of writing. But her observations are anything but obvious. "[She] seems to find pleasure, if not an untapped resource, in the ability to lose one's direction," observed Brian Kim Stefans, "as the objects of her thought—'my car,' 'my convictions,' 'my style'—do not easily persist through time, but are willed forward by artful decisions." Hejinian has published several collections of essays, two novels, and more than a dozen books of poetry. In addition to her published work, Hejinian has participated in a variety of collaborative projects with painters, musicians, and filmmakers. She currently co-edits the journal Atelos, which features such collaborations between poets and other artists. Among Hejinian's many honors are a Writing Fellowship from the California Arts Council and a Translation Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts for her Russian translations. Hejinian currently lives in Berkeley, where she teaches poetics at the University of California, Berkeley. This animation was created by Caitlin Christman. The poem is read here by Flora Coker.

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