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Digital Credits

Digital Executive Producer

Meredith Nierman

Digital Producer

Ayelet Ronen

Project Manager

Hilary Emmons


Jesse Haley
Lisa Rosenthal


Jon Ellenberger
Alex Jones

Director of Digital Product Managment

Jim Bodor

Design Director

Ali Morando

Director of Social Media

Tory Starr

Business Manager

Alan West

Vice President for Broadband and Interactive Media

Alexis Rapo

Special Thanks

Cassandra Sell
Cassie Irwin
Amy Stahl
Jay Thompson

TV Series Credits


Phil Rosenthal

Executive Producers

Phil Rosenthal
Richard Rosenthal
John Bedolis
Christopher Collins
Lydia Tenaglia
Craig H. Shepherd
David Beebe

Executive Producer for WGBH

Laurie Donnelly


John Bedolis

For WGBH Educational Foundation

Senior Executive-in-Charge

Denise Dilanni

Senior Program Producer

Anne Adams

Coordinating Producer

Nicholas Pollard

Business Manager

Tara Mahoozi

Associate Producer

Adrienne Rahn


Amy Green
Saleha Ashfaq

Legal and Business Affairs

Eric Brass
Jay Fialkov
Jessica Fjeld

National Marketing and Station Relations

Bara Levin
Jason Lieberman
Mandy Miller
Christian Gay
Eileen Campion
Eddie Ward

For Zero Point Zero Production

Directors of Photography

Marcus Lehmann
Paul Niccolls
Jerry Risius
Marshall Rose


Jennifer McGarrity
Angie Dix
Bobby Zeleny
Leo Cullen
Chris Prassig


Diane Schutz
Alexandra Chaden

Post Producers

Henry Tenney
Bronwen Epstein

Field Coordinators

Mayuko Otsubo (Tokyo)
Davide Morandini (Italy)
Adrian Rubi-Dentzel (Paris)
Danielle Rubi-Dentzel (Paris)
Matt Walsh (Hong Kong)
Lucy Garcia (Barcelona)

Supervising Line Producer

Lizzie Narey

Line Producer

Rachael Jerahian

Unit Manager

Janette Lynott

Assistant Camera

Tetsuya Miyashita (Tokyo)
Matteo Keffer (Italy)
Brandon Rubesh (Paris)
Wong Shek Keung (Hong Kong)
Lucas Pinto (Barcelona)
Rick Smith (Los Angeles)

Sound Recordist

Shiho Miyazawa (Tokyo)
Francesco Principini (Italy)
Dominic Yip (Hong Kong)
Ivan Roca Cors (Barcelona)
Sabi Tulok (Los Angeles)

Production Coordinator

Liz Watts

Production Assistants

Anna Hu
Andrew Didonato
Ben Rosenthal
Lauren McIver
Martina Maio
Raymond Chan
Yasmeen Ali
Mario Leonori
Ilaria Salvi
Philippe Thimel
Lawrence Lai
Toni Gonzales
Angela Manfredi
Gina Tyler-Richards
Ryan Harris

Post Supervisor

Manuel Sander

Media Assets Manager

Chen Margolis

Post Production Coordinator

Julia Funk

Junior Post Production Coordinator

Field Humphrey

Assistant Editors

Rachel Whitaker
Randall Meehl
Ephraim Kirkwood
Tam Le

Post Production Assistants

Prema Burnside
Emilio DeGarden
Misa Spencer
Brian Mobley
Matthew Eisenberg

Edit Room Assistant

Angela Hardenberg

Theme Music

"Come Get it Bae" by Pharrell Williams (Capitol Records)


APM Music


Steve Beganyi

Online Editors

Jamie Zillitto
Jordan Schursky

Sound Design/Mix

Benny Mouthon, CAS
Patrick Donahue

Design and Graphics Director

Adam Lupsha

Lead Graphic Artist

Naoko Saito

Title Design

Angelique Georges
Naoko Saito

Director of Digital Content

Helen Cho

Social Media Community Manager

Daniel Carnaje

Supervising Production Manager

Leslie Carangi

Director of Technology and Post Operations

Chris Faulkner

Executive Vice President, Finance and Business Affairs

Louis A. Festa

Special Thanks

Marc Cuspinera
Claudia Ferreres
FundaciĆ³ Catalunya-La Pedrera

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