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The program shows the Bowler family arrival, in full 1900 regalia, at the remarkably refurbished 50 Elliscombe Road. Only a few days into their new lives, awe and excitement turn to frustration as the Bowlers battle a malfunctioning coal-burning range, which is both their cooking stove and sole source of hot water. It's lovely when the baker brings fresh, warm goodies to the door, but the preparation of every meal is a major undertaking, and washing up afterwards is an ordeal. Nasty chamber pots, milk turned sour, and cold baths also erode their good humor, which is further strained by an inedible birthday breakfast for Joyce, who finds herself reduced to tears and shouts in the garden. Paul risks his life learning to shave with a cutthroat razor and Joe goes on a virtual hunger strike in protest against Victorian cooking.

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