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After more than a week of funky hair, corsets that restrict their breathing, relentless cleaning, and laundry days so long and arduous that the girls must stay home from school to help out, the Bowler women are driven to the brink. They furtively purchase 1999 shampoo, but their delight is later colored by guilt, and a brave decision to relinquish the cherished suds is made. Joyce decides to hire Elizabeth, a third-generation maid-of-all-work, whose prodigious cleaning and laundry services leave Joyce with "only" the cooking duties -- and enough free time to prepare a special dinner party for series consultant Daru Rooke. Meanwhile, Paul struggles with his role as "Master of the House," Kathryn finds it harder and harder to be a teenager in 1900, and Hilary and Ruth create an elaborate theatrical production for the party.

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