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  The House

Series Producer Simon Shaw discusses one of the most crucial elements of the experiment: the house itself.

QHow did real estate agents react when you told them why you were looking for a house?

ShawThey were fascinated, and after we eventually bought a house and did the refurbishing, the agent who sold it to us got terrifically excited at the potential of being able to sell a house like this for much more money than a modern-style dwelling.

QDid you encounter any problems with the next-door neighbors?

ShawThey seemed to feel it was sort of a surreal experience, but they were very cooperative, as were the neighbors on the entire street. Most everyone was very keen in participating to see what the project would yield.

QHow did you leave the house when you were finished?

ShawWe left it in 1900 mode for the most part, but we provided a detailed ground plan for bringing it back up to modern standards. I presume the house now has central heating, modern cookers, etc. But who knows? Maybe somebody who wants to live that kind of life, but I rather doubt it.

QDid the Bowlers keep any of the household items they used during the experiment?

ShawJoyce kept her corset, her "instrument of torture," as she calls it. She now has it hanging on her bedroom wall. Kathryn also kept one of her corsets. Paul kept his cutthroat razor, although I'm led to understand he doesn't use it. And each of the children kept a little something from the house to remind them of their experience.

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