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Meet the Bowlers Ask the Bowlers Interview with Joyce and Hilary


  Twins Hilary and Ruth, age 11, got a break from their usual routine at Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover, Kent. Hilary, who plans on a career in veterinary surgery, enjoyed the antique lifestyle, clothes, real-life experience of history, and also relished the greater closeness with her family. She put her art and design talents to work when she and Ruth built a homemade stage and paper-doll puppets for a family theatrical piece.

Excerpts from Video Diaries
QT Early on, Hilary lamented her parents' frustrations.
QT Hilary revealed some sneaky behavior.
QT Back in the year 1999, Hilary appreciated her renewed access to contemporary music.
QT While at her modern school, Hilary resisted temptation at lunchtime.
QT Hilary had to fight her cravings for a pizza.

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