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  Joyce Bowler, 44, is a school and day-care facility inspector. She married Paul Bowler in 1979 and with him is raising a family of five children. Joyce's desire to be the lady of THE 1900 HOUSE sprang from her eagerness to "time travel" and share a unique adventure with her family. She took a leave of absence from her job to make this journey, and abandoned many of her present-day interests, including running, dancing, and music, to stay true to 1900 behavior. Since the essence of THE 1900 HOUSE was to demonstrate the profound changes in family and domestic life wrought by the scientific and technological changes of the past 100 years, Joyce bore the brunt of this time-travel experience and found it a life-altering revelation about her identity and views. She looks forward to new adventures in the future.

Excerpts from Video Diaries
QT The reality of the 1900 House hit Joyce hard. (700K)
QT Joyce discovered the joy of museums through Victorian eyes. (770K)
QT Joyce faced many temptations from the modern world. (366K)
QT Joyce was pleased that the 1900 house brought the family closer together. (642K)
QT Back in 1999, Joyce delighted in her modern appliances. (921K)
QT Joyce experienced bliss by taking a dip in a swimming pool. (802K)
QT Being the only Victorian family on the block got to Joyce. (511K)
QT Joyce was determined to play by The 1900 House rules. (756K)
QT Joyce offers her thoughts on people who "adopt Victoriana" into their lives. (1.3MB)
QT Joyce enjoyed the sound of music coming from her neighbor's home. (1.5MB)
QT Joyce was overwhelmed by the variety of choices back in the modern world. (828K)
QT The role of women in 1900 was a subject close to Joyce's heart. (735K)
QT While reading some modern personal ads, Joyce comes to a realization about modern society. (1MB)
QT Joyce espresses her disdain for Victorian clutter. (1.4MB)

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