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  Kathryn, 17, found life in THE 1900 HOUSE a far cry from her years at boarding school, but was attracted to the opportunity to live more closely with her family. This closeness included sharing a bedroom with her twin sisters, Hilary and Ruth, 11, which proved to have limited charms. Kathryn's interests in theater and dance were put largely on hold during her stay in 1900, although she did work up a song-and-dance routine with her mother that they auditioned for London's only remaining 19th-century music hall. She had to take a cold-turkey break from her passion for club-hopping and admits to one clandestine phone call to a girlfriend to check out plot developments on her favorite soap opera, EASTENDERS. She's now returned to Richard Huish College to continue her studies in Politics, English, and Performing Arts.

Excerpts from Video Diaries
QT Kathryn often longed for typical social activities of life today.
QT Kathryn struggled to keep her feet properly Victorian.
QT Upon returning to modern life, Kathryn was excited to become her "old self."

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