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  Paul Bowler, 39, has been in the Royal Marines since he was 16 and is now a Warrant Officer who serves as a telecommunications specialist. His rise through the ranks over the past 23 years required that he and Joyce move 13 times to various posts. He agreed to THE 1900 HOUSE journey to thank Joyce for her years of cooperation with his career. Paul had little time for his hobbies of sailing, running, mountaineering, and swimming during his months in 1900. And although he assisted in the arduous domestic chores of 1900 living -- chiefly keeping a temperamental coal stove regularly stoked for the household's cooking and heating needs -- he spent most of his days at his 1999 office, albeit in a 1900 uniform. His greatest challenges were not committing inadvertent suicide through daily shaves with a cutthroat razor, and coping with an uncharacteristic role as "Master of the House."

Excerpts from Video Diaries
QT Paul was wary of his 1900 role as "master of the house."
QT In modern life, Paul found himself missing the personal touches of Victorian shopping.
QT Paul found that his 1900 life did not differ greatly from his modern life.

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