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Robust and thriving after the Harlem Renaissance, the African American art community supported and inspired legendary artists of the future such as Jacob Lawrence and Norman Lewis.

The Legacy
Period & Artists
Pre-Civil War
Exploring Freedom
The Harlem Renaissance
The Legacy
Jacob Lawrence
Norman Lewis
Social Activism
Modern Identities

Jacob Lawrence
The Life of Frederick Douglass #21 (1939)

Related Artists:
Jacob Lawrence
Norman Lewis

Under the sponsorship of the WPA, art workshops and community art centers were established in several African American urban communities, such as Chicago (Southside Community Art Center) and Harlem (Harlem Art Workshop and the Harlem Community Art Center). These art centers employed professionally trained artists to provide instruction to young artists who could not afford formal art lessons. Artists who gained prominence during the Harlem Renaissance, such as Augusta Savage and Aaron Douglas, became devoted teachers of the next generation of African American artists.
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