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African American World
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During the civil rights movement, art became a platform for protest for artists Romare Bearden, Faith Ringgold and Elizabeth Catlett.

Social Activism
Period & Artists
Pre-Civil War
Exploring Freedom
The Harlem Renaissance
The Legacy
Social Activism
Romare Bearden
Faith Ringgold
Elizabeth Catlett
Modern Identities

Elizabeth Catlett
Sharecropper (1970)

Related Artists:
Romare Bearden
Faith Ringgold
Elizabeth Catlett

Images of the civil rights and black power movements, depictions of important African American leaders such as Malcolm X, and racism's effect on America were all important subject matter for African American artists in the 1960s. These artists, who experienced racial prejudice by the white male dominated museum world, wanted to document the social issues affecting their community and also contribute in their own way to the civil rights movement.
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