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African American World
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Want to bring abolitionism, jazz and Marcus Garvey into your classroom? Check out these PBS lesson plans and get your students excited.


Africans in America
Learn about the legal foundations for slavery and explore autobiographical writings by slaves. Research the economics of slave society and use primary sources to plan a slavery debate between famous 18th century figures.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

Reclaiming the Self: The Legacy of Slavery

Compare Twain's portrayal of slave life to the accounts in slave narratives, and explore the meaning of freedom to African-Americans through primary sources and poetry.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

John Brown's Holy War

Evaluate forms of political protest and identify Brown's role in development of the Civil War.
[ Grades 6-12 ]

The Time Of The Lincolns

Investigate the Lincoln-Douglas debates, abolition and religion, the Union's "total war" tactics, and industrialization in antebellum America through these activity ideas.
[ Grades 6-12 ]

Journey to Peace

Learn about slave trading in Senegal, apartheid in South Africa and slavery in the United States and debate appropriate acts of apology and reconciliation; also learn techniques for active listening.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

Wonders Of The African World
Produce a classroom newspaper based on the historical legacy of Ghana's role in the slave trade.
[ Grades 6-12 ]

Learning Adventures in Citizenship: Fight For Freedom

Research slavery around the world today and find out more about institutions working to end slavery.
[ Grades 3-8 ]

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Goin' To Chicago

Explore how the African-American migration resembles and differs from other migrations in U.S. history.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

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A group of slaves pose outside their quarters.

Slaves escape.

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