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African American World
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I'll Make Me A World
Design a monument to an African-American artist, and learn how African American artists participated in the WPA during the Depression. Explore the art and history of the Gullah community in the American southeast and learn about cultural effects of the Great Migration.
[ Grades 5-12 ]

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Richard Wright: Black Boy
Discuss educational opportunities for black students in the Jim Crow south, and compare American education to other countries' systems.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

American Masters: Ralph Ellison

Investigate the theme of invisibility in Invisible Man, in your live and your community.
[ Grades 11-12 ]


Explore the role of oral traditions in the African culture. Students will read articles about the daily lives of people living in a variety of African countries, and create a mock interview based on the information.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

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Mississippi River Song
Explore clogging, African American drumming, bluegrass, and Mississippi steamboat soundings and folksongs.
[ Grades K-8 ]

Continental Harmony: Music, Slavery and the Civil War

Analyze the various forms of spirituals and the role of spirituals played during the period of slavery and the Civil War.
[ Grades 3-8 ]

Jubilee Singers

Review lyrics as part of an investigation into the history and meaning of spirituals, both as an art form and as a tool for slave resistance and communication.
[ Grades 9-12 ]

American Roots Music: Desegregating the Airwaves

Learn about the emergence of the blues as a form of popular music on the radio, beginning in Helena, Arkansas in 1940.
[ Grades 6-12 ]

American Roots Music: Gospel Music Meets a Wide Audience

Identify the leading figures in post­war gospel music and compare the differences in style and approach of several gospel singers.
[ Grades 6-12 ]

Through this popular program and Web site, younger students will learn the concept of beat in music. They will practice following a pattern and become familiar with the concept of beat in music. Middle School and high school students will explore African American history through jazz. Kids can form imaginary jazz bands, which will tour segregated Southern cities or produce a jazz radio program during the school desegregation crisis in Little Rock, Arkansas.
[ Grades K-12 ]

American Masters: Lena Horne: Race and the American Artist

Focus on the role of race in the American entertainment world during the 20th century and make connections to Horne's life story.
[ Grades 6-12 ]

African Arts and Music

Listen to folktales and African music, create African crafts, and explore websites that depict images of many different kinds of art forms.
[ Grades 3-6 ]

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Portrait of Anne Washington Derry by Laura Wheeler Waring

Ralph Ellison

Ella Fitzgerald

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