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African American World
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Ready to share your own ideas on African American history and culture? Or maybe you just want to give us your feedback on how we can improve this site. We're ready to listen, so get comfortable and let's start talking.

World War II soldiers History Corner: Arts in Action: Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Do you believe that reparations should be paid for slavery? What were your family's experiences during the Great Migration? Do you remember the Freedom Rides? This is where you can make African American history come alive. Talk about it! Is there an exhibit on that can't be missed? A book written by a rising young African American writer that you couldn't put down? Or maybe it's just Alicia Keyes's latest CD. Commune with your fellow arts aficionados here.
Jesse Jackson In the News: Roots: Celebrating Kwanzaa
What African American newsmaker do you most admire? Is there a news story that's affecting the African American community that's got your goat? Grab a newspaper, pull up a chair and let it rip. No, this isn't about Alex Haley. This is the area where you can share ideas for Kwanzaa, trade tips for tracing your family's genealogy, or give away your grandmother's favorite recipes. Go on, share!
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