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African American World
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Profiles Spotlight: Innovators & Icons
From the famous and the fêted to the inventor and the intellectual, African Americans have long blazed new paths in areas ranging from political reform to the arts, science and education. "Say it loud: I'm black and I'm proud," James Brown once exhorted audiences. This is where you can celebrate the great individuals that give that call its resounding ring.
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Al Sharpton or Carol Moseley-Braun for president? Who will you support? Start a discussion
Muhammad Ali and Malcolm XWho Said That? -- Every quote needs an owner!
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Did you know? Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performd the first open heart surgery in 1893. Adam Clayton Powell
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African-American Architects
From All Things Considered

Profiles of African-American Vets
From The Tavis Smiley Show

Obama to Rise to National Stage in Boston
From Morning Edition

Ralph J. Bunche, An American Odyssey
Meet this legendary diplomat

A Huey P. Newton Story
A modern-day revolutionary

Freedom Never Dies
The legacy of Harry T. Moore

People Power
Meet pastor and U.S. Representative Adam Clayton Powell.
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