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Profiles: Brain Teaser
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Think you know a few things about famous African Americans? Find out what you know -- and need to know -- with our monthly series of brain teaser quizzes.

Hot Tip: If you're stumped, PBS and NPR can help you out! Just click on the SUBMIT button to see where you can learn more about these questions online.

1 Who was the original Jim Crow?
The Tennessee governor who passed the first Jim Crow law
A character in minstrel shows
A character in UNCLE TOM'S CABIN
A civil rights leader killed in 1810

2 Pap Singleton encouraged African Americans to do what?
Join the NAACP
Join the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Move to Liberia
Move to the West

3 Who was the first African American general?
Colin Powell
Benjamin Davis Sr.
Benjamin Davis Jr.
Dorie Miller

4 What African American journalist wrote under the pseudonym "Iola?"
Frederick Douglass
T. Thomas Fortune
Ida B. Wells
Mary Ann Shadd

5 What year was the Harlem Globetrotters formed?

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