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Whether it's a Gullah folktale or an interview with a Freedom Rider, chances are you can find it online. This in-depth guide will point you to the best the Web has to offer on African American history and culture.


Alvin Ailey Dance Group
The Web site of this renowned dance organization includes a brief history plus a schedule of performances.

Archives of African American Music and Culture
Oral histories, photographs, audio and video recordings from Indiana University.

The Black Experience in Hollywood

This guide offers a short history on African Americans in Hollywood and discusses classic films with African American stars and themes.

Harlem Renaissance Artists and Writers

Learn about the paintings and sculptures or poems and prose of the Harlem Renaissance's greatest writers and artists.

Narratives of African American Art and Identity
This extensive exhibition by the University of Maryland features the art work of important artists such as Edward Bannister and Norman Lewis.

National Black Programming Consortium
Learn more about the cinematic and video works supported by this non-profit organization dedicated to the distribution, promotion and preservation of films related to the African American experience.

The Studio Museum in Harlem
This leading museum features 19th and 20th century African American, Caribbean and African art.

Vibe Magazine Online
Listen to your favorite African American rap, R&B and pop stars or watch their music videos.


The place to start for African American genealogy research. Includes a beginner's guide, slave data, list of state and international resources, surname data, an online library, a mailing list and newsletter.

African American Genealogical Research
A guide to African American resources in the Library of Congress.

The African American Biographical Database
The largest electronic collection of biographical information on African Americans from 1790 to 1950.

Building Blocks of African American Genealogy

An online guide from to African American genealogical research, from gathering oral history and family records, to researching slavery and slave owners.

The Freedman's Savings and Trust Company and African American Genealogical Research

This article, published by the National Archives, discuses using records of the Freedman's Savings and Trust company for African American genealogical research.


African American Heritage at the Smithsonian
Explore the many museums in the Smithsonian institution with African and African American art and artifacts.

Afro-American Almanac: Folktales
Read a wide range of African American folktales.
AllAfrica is the leading provider of African news and information worldwide. Search news articles by topic or region.

The Diaspora Project
UCLA's Center for Cultural Studies explores the different aspects of the African diaspora and its influence on world cultures. Read international and music news or research on topics ranging from health issues to Caribbean literature.

Gullah Music
Go on a musical journey to find out how African music influenced many styles of music in American. Kids can also visit the Gullah tales section to read about the Little Red Hen and the Jealous Bragging Turtle.

Kwanzaa : A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture
Kwanzaa creator Dr. Maulana Karenga's official Kwanzaa site tells everything about the holiday, its origins, symbols, and significance.

The North Star: A Journal of African American Religion
This Web-only journal, associated with Vassar College and the American Academy of Religion, provides scholarly articles and information on resources and events in the field of African American religious history.

Soul Food Cookbook
Search for recipes from African American and Caribbean cultures or submit your own.

Alvin Ailey, dancer and choreographer

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