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Race & Society: Brain Teaser
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Think you know a few things about the African American cultural legacy? Find out what you know -- and need to know -- with our monthly series of brain teaser quizzes.

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1 Traditional African-American cooking often involves heavy use of peanuts and okra. What region of Africa is also known for its everyday use of these ingredients?
Southern Africa
The Sahel
Great Lakes
The Sahara

2 In the early 20th century, black newspapers boomed across the U.S. Name the black newspaper whose support for The Great Migration tripled the black population of one major MidWestern city:
The Pittsburgh Courrier
The Afro-American
The Chicago Defender
The Amsterdam News

3 What was the first U.S. metropolis to elect an African American mayor?
Gary, Indiana
Cleveland, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
New York, New York

4 The candle lit on the seventh day of Kwanzaa represents the principle of:
Kuumba (creativity)
Umojo (family and community)
Imani (faith)
Nia (purpose)

5 African Americans currently make up just over 13 percent of the U.S. population. What city had the largest African-American population in 2000?
New York

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