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Aging Out
My Story
David Griffin
Risa Bejarano
Daniella Anderson
Keely Lopez
Thomas Hudson

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Fostering Frustration
Pregnant Daniella and Veasna
Daniella hoped her foster care agency would place her in her own apartment called a SILP, or supervised independent living program. But since there was no SILP apartment available, Daniella had to move into a mother-baby foster home. Daniella shared her frustrations with her foster mother, and the staff of her foster care agency.
DANIELLA: I feel very compromised knowing that I have to come home and make a curfew. The fact that I have visiting hours for my boyfriend, those are very tender issues for me, especially with us being new parents and us starting our own family. I've never been so unhappy. Right now I'm living out of garbage bags and I don't feel like that's something I should have to do.

After a turbulent first month with her new baby, Daniella had a big fight with her foster mother and claimed that she was locked out of the apartment. She went to live with her aunt for a week but her foster care agency considered her AWOL.

DANIELLA: I was told if I didn't return to Inwood House's placements, the state would become involved and Elijah could be taken away. At which point I said, "I'll go to another placement." I shouldn't have to wake up every other week in a new placement. I don't have any of my belongings. They are all at my former placement. I'm a college student and I don't even have my books with me. I've been buying my own diapers, buying my own food, when foster parents are receiving money to do that for me. So instead of allowing me to save, I've been depleting my funds. Veasna can't even come here and visit and he needs to spend time with his child as well.

Me walking out that door is still very appealing to me right now, because deep down I'm just unhappy with the fact that I'm living in a foster home instead of being where I really want to be.  Every night I think maybe I should just go out on my own, but I stay because I know that it's best financially
Daniella's foster care frustrations

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