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Aging Out
My Story
David Griffin
Risa Bejarano
Daniella Anderson
Keely Lopez
Thomas Hudson

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A Wedding Day
Veasna kisses Daniella at their wedding
Off to a late start, the wedding kiss finally comes.

On Veasna and Daniella's wedding day, the ceremony was delayed when the bride arrived several hours late. There were also serious doubts about whether Veasna would make it to the wedding. The night before at his bachelor party, Veasna got so drunk that he passed out and wound up in the emergency room on life support systems. Eventually the wedding vows were exchanged in a small outdoor ceremony.

VEASNA: We got off of welfare, so it makes me proud of myself just for today because I don't feel the state is paying for my wedding. I guess God answered my prayers, because I always wanted a family and I always wanted a good woman by my side. She's so beautiful.

DANIELLA:We have tough days ahead of us but we've come this far. Definitely we can make it.


Daniella and Veasna continued to reside in Hartford, Connecticut, after the filming of the program ended. The family received rental assistance from The HUD Section Eight program and state-funded medical coverage.

Veasna was employed at The Gap, but he realized the growth limitations of the retail environment and he began the process of continuing his college education at Capitol Community College. Daniella was still attending Trinity College and receiving loans that the family required to finance her education. She also worked at a community technology center, teaching basic and intermediate computer skills to members of the community.

By May 2005, Daniella and Veasna had a second child and had moved to Washington D.C., where they both worked briefly for The National Association of Former Foster Children of America. They both plan to return to college.

Daniella's wedding video


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