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Aging Out
My Story
David Griffin
Risa Bejarano
Daniella Anderson
Keely Lopez
Thomas Hudson

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A Book of Contradictions
David bound for Alaska
Alaska bound

video of David describing his restlessness
I kind of have this like deep feeling that I'm going to become somebody really successful. I'm sure that I'll write a book one day.  See I want to write a book of contradictions.

After only two weeks at the independent living facility, David was suspected of vandalizing a nearby school and went AWOL again. With another warrant out for his arrest, David headed to his friend's house in the desert, but he did not plan on staying long.

DAVID: I'm going to start a new life. I decided that I needed to leave. I'm going to go up to Alaska. People don't know who I am. They don't know a single thing about me. That's for the better, because I want to start a new life. That's exactly what I plan on doing, because you know I've been screwing up left and right. It's tiring. It's an opportunity and it's desperation on my part.

What I see happening to me in the future is either being on the streets or going to jail, because I'm wanted in the city and because all the people I know out here are just stoners and drug users. That's exactly what I am, and I don't want to be that. I'm not going to go up there with any money because I don't have any money. I want to make a life that I can call a life, something that I can be at least a little bit proud of. I'm definitely not proud of my life right now. The only thing I'm proud about is my defiance that I've held on to for so many years, but that gets old. The only way that I'm going to make it is if I do it on my own.


After traveling by bus to Seattle on his way to Alaska, David was unable to find a job on a fishing boat. He spent a year living on the streets of Seattle, receiving occasional services from a drop-in center for homeless youth where he went to shower and have occasional meals. He is now hitchiking across the country. The Galassos, his foster family, are in regular contact with him.

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