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Aging Out
My Story
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Thomas Hudson

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Thomas Hudson

Surrounded by unreliable family members, Thomas sorely felt the absence of any positive male role models in his life.

THOMAS: All the men that were in my life, they were drug dealers, drug addicts. They were nothing. I think all of my life what I have been searching for was somebody to be a father to me -- somebody that I could just look up to, that I could call my hero, a decent male that wasn't into drugs, wasn't into gangs and that wasn't out to just hurt me. God did send Carl my way, and he has been a father figure.

When Thomas was 19 and living in a shelter, Pastor Carl Winfrey gave Thomas a room in his home for a year before Thomas was able to move into a supervised independent living apartment. Living with Winfrey, Thomas finally had a male role model and someone who showed him some of the life skills needed to live on his own.

Video about Thomas's famly
THOMAS: Carl has helped me so much. He's helped me become a respectable young man. He showed me how I don't have to cuss people out, although that method still works for me. He gave me that structure that I needed, that authority figure, and he was a male that wasn't trying to have sex with me.

Thomas as a child
Thomas as a child

I believe God got a purpose for me, from being abused, talked about, brought up poor.  Oh my God, having to struggle at such a young age.  Damn, I think God gonna use me for something.  He got to!

I was sexually abused at a young age, by both a man and a woman. That just messed me up. My caseworker put me in a group home. They placed me in a room with a sex offender. He was 17. I was 13. That was just hell on earth. I'm like "You took my virginity. My purity that I had to give to somebody you just snatched it away from me. I cannot give this to nobody, share this with nobody because you done tainted it."

Video of Thomas speaking about male mentors Had a father been there and had my mother been there, I don't think I would have ever got raped. I have issues with women. I have issues with men. Until I can fully work through both of those issues, I'm confused. I want to be in a relationship, but I ain't really ready for it. If I fall in love with a girl, fine. If God fix it where some boy come along and get my eye, fine. The hell with everybody else. Everybody is doing stuff for basically the same reason. Looking for somebody to love.

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