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Aging Out
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Explore an extensive set of outreach materials for communities and stakeholders, including youth, policymakers, employers, and media, at

Resources for Youth

  • Foster Club-- A national network for youth in foster care. It includes three mini-sites, serving children, teens and adults. includes articles, contests, message boards for youth.

  • -- FYI3 is primarily for teens and those aging out of foster care. FYI3 stands for youth who are Involved, Informed, and Independent. It's a comprehensive, youth-oriented site with information, advice, interactive features and a useful glossary of foster care terms.

  • FosterClub for adults -- This is a site for adults involved in the foster care system: those who care for children and caseworkers. Visitors to the site will find information and inspiration on how to work and communicate with foster youth.

  • -- Youth Communication is the publisher of Represent, a monthly magazine for youth in care, written and edited by youth. Each issue covers issues that youth in care deal with all the time like mental health, money woes, jobs, and navigating the foster care system.

  • -- The Mockingbird Society is an independent, non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the safety, quality of life and future of the children and adolescents living in the foster care/group home system nationwide. They publish the newspaper The Mockingbird Times, which is written by youth in care.

  • National Foster Youth Advisory Council -- The National Foster Youth Advisory Council (NFYAC) is a diverse national group of current and former foster youth and adult supporters from several states who have had direct experience with the child welfare systems. The council's purpose is to provide a voice for and make a difference in the lives of youth currently in care and support their successful transitions into adulthood.

  • Chapin Hall Center for Children -- A public policy research organization that does extensive research on children and youth involved in the child welfare system. Its ongoing study of youth aging out of foster care in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa is the largest recent study on the experiences of these youth as they make the transition to adulthood.


  • Independent Lens: Why Can't We Be A Family Again? -- This film follows two brothers for three years as they struggle to reunite their family, torn apart by their mother's drug usage.

  • P.O.V.: Love & Diane -- Shot over 10 years, this P.O.V. episode tells the story of a mother and daughter. When mother Diane becomes addicted to crack cocaine, her daughter, Love, enters the foster care system. The film documents the vicious cycle of poverty and neglect as Love has a child of her own.

  • NOW: The Last Hope -- NOW's piece "The Last Hope" is filmed at the residential treatment center of Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The segment has stories of foster kids, former foster kids and those working with them.

  • FRONTLINE: Failure to Protect -- When should a parent lose the right to raise a child? FRONTLINE goes behind the scenes of the child welfare system.

  • A Brooklyn Family Tale -- A story about how familes cope with the allure and dangers of gang violence in poor neighborhoods. The story focuses on the Santiago family and the Center for Family Life, a center run by two nuns who hope to strengthen this troubled community by supporting its children and families.

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