January 3rd, 2007
Annie Leibovitz
Career Timeline

  • Natalie

    Hi, I am an International student of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, studying at Glouchestershire University, UK, now approaching the end of my first year. I will be returning home to California in June 2009 & would be honored if I could have the opportunity to shadow you for a short time, whilst back in the USA. Although my studies incorporate additional disciplines, I have learnt that it is the Photography discipline which makes me feel alive. I want to utilise my vacation time to learn as much as I can ‘in the field’, by the best in the Industry. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regartds. Natalie

  • Izzy

    i love ur work thats y i did photography

  • Harold Peel

    Pretty good

  • Lea

    Dear Mrs. Leibowitz, I can immagine all the offers you get from people which would like to work with you. I started photography only recently, pretty late in my life (I am 46), but I am following your work since ever, and bought all your photo books. I am Italian, and my very big dream would be to follow you for a little while in your work as I am fascinated from your “style” and your way how you make people feel comfortable. (I saw a documentary about you in TV, even if they said that is not easy to work for you ;-) ). Please, if you need any information about my person, don’t hesitate to contact me. To work for you (for free) would be the dream of my life. Thank you very much for your attention. Sincerely…

  • Ada Ashwell

    Annie, we were incredible friends in Sligo Jr. High School. A mother, who was later diagnozed as a spyzoprenic forbidded our friendship. I am looking for you. My name was then Ada, and is now Malena. I am writing from Paraguay, South America. How could I write to you?

  • Sonja Lowenfish

    Ms. Leibovitz, upon my recent return from the gobi and taklamakan desert I saw your pbs special. At least daily your pictures flash into my conciousness. For me your photos are a once in a lifetime experience. They rival my personal treks through awinspiring and difficult parts of the world. Thank you

  • mari

    Wow Annie you are truly amazing! I’m studying graphic design in South Africa and one of my subjects are photography. We had to go and do some research on professional photographers and am I glad I found some one as inspiring as you!

  • Nathaly F.

    Ms. Leibovitz,
    Your work is amazing and inspires me to continue with photography. Thank you so much for your hard work. I hope to some day thank you in person.

  • Elizabeth

    my daughter is a HS senior wishing to study photography in college for a future career in the field any advice on schools or specific courses for her?

  • Debra P.

    Dear Ms Leibovitz,
    I love your work. I remember seeing either a table photo book or an exhibit about woman with breast cancer. Each page had a different woman with a different area of the breast removed or all of it removed. I am forever looking for this book.What is the title and where can I find it.I very much want to give it to a friend.Thank-you.

  • pawel

    February 8th, 2010 at 08:19 a.m.(CET)
    You are a really great camera women – Annie Leibovitz. Your photos are very amazing.My head-master of my high school and my father were also camera men and made black and white photos. I like your whole work even for some people they are controversial. Thanks.

  • mohammed

    how if I want to get training from amazing photographer like annie ?

  • Shakirah Lane

    I thought I was wierd and crazy (no disrespect! I mean this in the most artistic way ) with my ” out the box” , fantasy and ariel photography! Ms. Annie you are inspiration. Visuals to my soul, my heart skips beats… I think I’m in love. I am… With your work, Hell even you and I’m laughing out loud. Please believe it’s coming from a good place. Thank you for opening the doors you have opened!

  • terry mitchell

    I just moved from Colorado to California. Some of the boxes of books (my ultimate passion) had moved back and forth all over the country and hadn’t been open for years. To my genuine surprise I found and old paper bound
    cookbook from about 1969 which was made to be sold as a benefit item for the Canyon School in Canyon,
    California. I rifled through the pages and it turned out the photographs (only two, front and back) were taken by
    Annie Leibovitz. I have been an admirer of hers for decades.

    If anyone out there in the universe knows what her connection was with Canyon, California, please post something on this site.

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