April 23rd, 2001
Edward Curtis
Career Timeline

  • Joanie Moore

    Hello Anne,
    Thank you for being a window into the past. I have a question about the timeline. I thought the 1898 award you mention was for a series of pictures Curtis took of a Tulalip family, one of which was called “homeward” and another “Sunset on Puget Sound” or was it “the clamdigger” ?. I actually thought those pictures were taken in 1896. Anyway, didn’t the Mt. Rainier encounter lead him on his way to create “Visions of the vanishing” , which included the previosly awarded Homeward series and did not play a part in the recieving of that award ? Am I confused ? Can you enlighten me ? I would also be very interested to know exactly where the homeward pictures were taken. I think I know I just need confirmation.

    If all the Tribes who are represented in Curtis photos did some geneological work to find family members related to those photographed, they could make a updated report on the status of the family, pictures included. You could get the ball rolling if you set up a blog on your website. If it was updated every 100 years, you will have started a very good thing. It is a story just waiting to be told. Thanks for being a messanger.

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